Tice Power Block for powering Video Projector?

I am running a dedicated line form a new sub-panel and want to condition it for the projector (Runco DTV 930 CRT).
The 20A circuit will have a Hubbel HBL8300HI Duplex Receptacle / hospital grade.
I have an older model Tice Power Block (Black & Gold - 6 outlets).
Is it a good idea to use the Tice PB or should I look to a newer Video Conditioner or PS Audio Ultimate outlet?
give it a shot- whaddaya got to lose? I use the newest Tice Powerblock IIIC HP version in the HT system- everything sounds and looks better- good luck!
I also have and use a Tice Powerblock (and Titan). I would suggest, if you decide to go with that unit, that you consider upgrading the outlets in it, and maybe replacing the power cord with a better one. Also check to see if the ground has been connected in the unit; earlier production units did not have the ground wire attached. Tice issued a service notice stating that they changed their view and they would now recommend grounding the unit.

I had the unit apart and it was grounded.
I may change the power cord (probably a chunk of Beldon 83802) ... what do all the little switches (box near the plug) do when they are disconnected? or are they on their own circuits?
Seems to work just fine!
Black Majic EEL (BMI 10') / dedicated 20A circuit ... so far so good.