Did anybody ever compare this recent model to other older one like the tice titan power block?
did you know by the way if the compagny is still in operation? where it is located?
Will appreciate if somebody did have the instructions papers for this model that lack to me, just get in touch with me please!!!
Thank's folk...
Tice went out of business years ago. I have a Power Block 3, like it a lot, but it must be close to 10 years old. Sorry, my manual was misplaced but the markings on top of the case should help you get it up and running; it's not complicated. Good luck, Dave
Yes, Tice did go out of business years ago. I'm not familiar with their latest offerings, but I have 2 Power Blocks and one Titan energy storage system (see my classified in Accessories for more information). I have the manuals for my Power Blocks, the original. I don't know how different they are from the 3, but I could scan one of them and email it to you if you think it would help you with your version 3.