Tice MBF 4 Powerline Conditioner & enhancer ??

Anyone use these with their A/V array ? Since, Tice is out of business, where can I get the users manual ? Anyone, have one ? What components do you plug in ? Can you throw a Onkyo 805 receiver to it. I read somewhere that receivers should have there own wall outlet i.e. no surge protectors or the like. Plasma TV's are cool right. As i said, I need a manual or a link anywhere for the answers to these questions & more.
Help Please..

Anybody ? I have 2 days to decide to buy or not. Thanks

My bad on the model number in question. It should read MBF-3 NOT MBF-4 Powerline. Still need some info PLEASE.
Old technology. You can do better such as the Powerblock 3