Tice Elite 3 Line Conditioner TO 2 prongs old wiri


Question: If I have a 2 prong outlet, can I plug a 3 prong Tice Elite 3 Line Conditioner into it and still get surge/rfi protection.

I have gotten as far in my research to recognize that some line protection (ex Monster Power surge units) NEED the 3rd ground to dump surges to. And some (brickpower etc) shunt to the neutral and do not need the 3rd ground. ??

I am willing/able to build a ground to a water radiator nearby to "create" a ground if necessary (assuming that works/is a good idea)

GIVEN: old apt circa 47 in Virginia.
paper wrapped individual wires in metal boxes :/

I took advice from another thread and multi-metered all my outlets to see if the 3rd prong (yes, someone installed 3 prong outlets at some point) was grounded. Interesting results

OUTLET 1: hot to ground 120v all good so far
OUTLET 2: hot to ground 84v :/
OUTLET 3: hot to ground 1.3v ???ehhh (same at screw)
OUTLET 4: hot to ground 120v (bathroom)

hmmm TV is in an outlet with 120v to ground and a triplite isobar. so thats probably ok

Stereo, however, is on the outlet with 1.3v :/ arrrg

ALL stereo equipment has 2 prong plugs. But the tice elite 3 has 3 prongs.

Can I plug the tice in, all the stereo stuff into the Tice and get protection/conditioning. Or does the Tice use/need the ground to shunt to??

If I need the ground, can I run my own ground and tie it to a nearby water radiator (old school heat via piped in hot water from the boiler in the basement of the apt complex) ??

thanks in advance!!
I would say that if a line conditioner has a ground pin it should have ground. Your low voltage readings on some of your ground sockets may be due to having a voltmeter with high impedance and wiring with not so good insulation and what you are reading is leakage from the hot wire to the ground socket which is not connected to an actual ground.