Tice Audio?

What ever happened to George Tice?
Tice Audio is no longer in business.
He was selling Real Estate in FL just a few years ago... not sure of his current status.
What I would like to know, is, what was the "TPT" treatment??? I suspect it was the same thing as "Cryo" treatment??? anyone?
BTW fan of Tice and have Solos and Solo HC's in my system(s)
I was thinking it had to be Cryo..
It's unfortunate that Tice Audio is no longer in business; always thought the Tice AC power conditioners were by far the best ones on the market. George is a great individual; met him at the Las Vegas CES show back in the early 90s.
Paul McGowan's PP300 basically put Tice out of business.
Agree with Bobgates. George Tice's conditioners are still the best and priced fairly. Have a Power Block III/Signature Series with custom power modules and it is still the best I have used. He was a true pioneer. Imagine what he would be coming up with today if he were still in business.