I would like to get opinions on experienced ears who have had THX and DTS systems. I am thinking of getting a new receiver, perhaps a Denon and considering upgrading to THX. The problem is of course, it cost a heck lot more.

Does THX really make THAT much of a difference (2-4X the money!). I don't see many DVDs with THX around, is DTS enough for the next 5-7 years? I like DTS already.


You can forget about making G. Lucas wallet fater and buy a Denon 3803/3805 and forget about THX and get a fine receiver.

There is a LOT of misunderstanding of what THX is all about. Originally, in terms of circuitry in a pre-pro, it was about post-processing the signal(Cinema EQ, timbre matching, adaptive decorrellation, etc.) in a Dolby Pro-logic system to make the signal match what you would hear in your all-THX system to what is experienced in a THX movie theatre. THX post processing is present in all processors that decode Dolby Digital EX. Also much of the original technology was incorporated in Dolby Digital such as adaptive decorrellation. Also, DTS is not incompatible with THX. THX timbre matching, adaptive decorrellation and cinema EQ can be added on top of DTS in some THX certified pre-pro's such as Lexicon's from as far back as the DC-1 in 1997. And the pre-pro is only one part of the standard THX recipe. With compatible THX amplifiers, speakers, etc. that has been set up to specification, THX certifies will meet a certain level of performance, that you will hear at home what the director intended. THX is really about quality and trying to quantify and set standards for superior home theatre performance. It is not the only way to great home theatre, it is merely a path that has been set up systematically to provide to you that what you hear in your home is what was recorded and experienced in a THX dubbing studio.

George Lucas is not involved with THX anymore. He's moved on to design a new standard with his company "Lucas Sound".

He sold the THX rights to Creative Sound Labs, and they've been putting that THX logo on lots of low quality stuff for a while now. THX isn't the standard it used to be. THX now has several "levels" of THX certification, based on the products intended purpose.