THX Video Optimizer


I just bought a new TV. I put on a DVD with the THX Video Optimizer. My TV (Samsung 32" hi-def) failed the 4:3 Circle with Rectangle test. The outside rectangle's left verticle line is missing. Actually, it looks like it is about 1/2" off the screen- so my TV's picture is not centered. Worse, it does not have a horizontal control I had two friends do the same test and their TVs (Sony 32" and a RCA) both failed the same test. Has anyone had any experience with this test? What was your result?


I would assume you have a picture mode control, that isn't set correct. I have a HD projector and use their test whenever I rent a disc that has this test. I think you have to set your dvd to 4.3 letterbox to get this correct. This setting will give you bars, but your picture geometry will be correct.--- This was the second biggest reason I chose a projector.
Hi Avguy,

Unfortunately, the picture mode was set correctly. Thanks for your thoughts though- I need all the help I can get.

Sounds like you need to get into your service menu for your TV and adjust the size and position. Call the place you got it from and see what they say. You shouldn't have to deal with a fault like that. I'm sure you payed good money for your TV and you deserve it to be perfect and hassle free.