THX speakers for HT?-Atlantic tech 450,s, M&K 150s

I'm looking for speakers for a home theater. The room is about 3,000 c.f. Use is 85% HT and 15% audio. Marantz-18ex receiver. I like the Atlantic Technologies 450's and the B&K S-150thx speaker sets. Both are in the same price range but I can't deceide and also don't want to overlook other options. Any info or suggestions appreciated.

PS. My wife hates floor stand speakers.
As far as THX speakers the M&K 150s are one of the best I have heard. The dialogue from the center channel was the clearest, which IMO is the most crucial element of a good HT. For THX speakers they actually sound pretty good for music as well.

I would not however use the M&K 150 sub. For close to the same price you can get MUCH better results for HT with a Earthquake Supernova.

The M&K 150s are my personal favorite THX speakers and I think the tri-pole surrounds work great as well. It all comes down to personal tastes so if you can, try and audition both in your home, that is the only place to make an informed decision that YOU will be happy with.

Try and use the same sub for both auditions though since the M&K 150 sub is weak it will give the overall presentation a less dynamic kick then the Atlantic sub.

If you are really into home theater though (and your neighbors are far away) then get yourself a Earthquake Supernova sub. The 15 kills but the 12 is good enough to knock your house off the foundation. Make sure it is the MKIV version though as the MKII has the amp at the bottom which is just a pain.

Good luck.
The supernova 15 is a great choice but do not over look the M&K 350. In a M&K audition I never use the 150 agree with above statements. Also the VMPS larger sub(non-powered). I would stay with the M&K 350. It is great for music and movies and naturally crossesover with the 150 systems.

I just noticed that your wife hates floorstanding speakers. Try the Triad Gold front inwalls the the Triad dipole silver surrounds. These are good for movies and music.

i am also looking at the m&k 150 system as well as the m&k 750 system and the b&w 600 series. i would rather not spend so much, but if the 150 is that much better, then i probably will. what do u guys think bet/ these 3 systems. also i will most likely be getting the nad 752 receiver to go with it.
what do u guys think bet/ the m&k 350 sub and the velodyne hgs 12 sub?

I am selling my AT System excluding the sub for $1,500 delivered. They are in excellent condition and I have original boxes and owners manuals. I sold the sub last year and replaced it with a SVS sub which is much better. The AT sub is the weak point in the system. The system includes the optional pedestals for the left and right speakers. If interested you can e-mail me at

which svs sub did u get? and have u compared it to the m&k mx350 and also the velodyne hgs 12?
i currently ordered the svs pb2+ and am looking forward to hearing it side by side with the m&k that my friend has.