THX Certified Power amps

I have a Kenwood KMX 1000, a THX certified power amp, which has the impedance of 6 ohms, 130 WPC.

Would it be safe to use this amp to drive a 4 ohms speakers? 

Also, I just read here that any amp with THX certification can drive pretty much any speaker, regardless of their ratings. 

I want  to make sure if it will be ok to use this amp. 

Thanks for your help. 


Actually, this KM-X1000 has a power rating of 190WPC at 6ohms, which appears to be the minimum recommended load.

The power supply is somewhat light for this rating (2 x 10,000uf capacitors), so I would be careful on driving low impedance speakers.  It may do okay driving 4 ohms, but keep in mind that many speakers can drop down to 2-3 ohms in certain frequencies (like bass frequencies).

I don't know that I would agree that THX amps can drive any speakers.  At some point, the amp is going to reach saturation in the power supply, especially if you start wiring many speakers in parallel (dropping the load to under 1 ohm).  This can cause heat and clipping (which is bad).

I agree. There's a lot more to it than just the specs you list. If you list the component's you're trying to match, someone here should be able you if its a good match.

Just look at the back of the amp under the speaker connections. It states 6-16 ohms. Using a 4 ohm speaker will be very risky. Depending on it's impedance curve, it may work, but I'm thinking there will be a much greater chance that it will not and damage the amp.