Just moved into a new house (actually old) and the electric outlets, circuts suck! Try to make a long story short. While listening to some music at some fairly loud levels it seems the vibration or something caused the amp power cord to become slightly loose in the outlet and disengage enough to cut my power to the amp. I jumped up and turned the amp off and unplugged it. I have the preamp and the CD player plugged into a Richard Gray Power Block and didn't think about it and unplugged it from the wall while the pre and CD player were still powered up (there is actually no power switch on the pre, the only way to power up or down the pre is plug or unplug it). Anyway, when I unplugged the power block that the pre and CD were plugged into after I had already powered down and unplugged the amp I heard a sickening load thump through my speakers. The speakers are Watt Puppy 5.1

After I found a different outlet, I plugged everything back up and played and all sounded fine. Like I said everything sounds and looks okay. Did I damage something or should everything be okay.

Thanks very much
Its likely your ears told you all you need to know and its good news but I wouldnt say doing that again would be wise;)
Nothing happened - forgettaboutit. PULEESE try removing that Richard Gray thingy and listen a while without it. Replug it into the system and evaluate.
Buy new outlets:

SR-Z1 shunyata research

TESA Plex SE synergistic research

That's my plan with new Old house and outlets that SUCK.