Thule 250, Classé SSP25 or Lexicon

Considering them as HiFi Préamp AND dts-dd decoding, I wponder whish one sounds best. I think for Hifi Classé is the best but as home-theàter processor ?
As for Home Theater I believe Lexicon is number 1, it has excellent feature as well is probably the best as far as future expansion formats. But Lexicon does not have a analog pass through, so it is not the best for music.
I recently purchased the SSP-25 after comparing it to the Lexicon DC-1 in my home. The Classe is far and away the best sounding processor for 2 channel stereo that I have heard. On DTS and Dolby Digital, the Classe also easily outclassed the Lexicon as well. The Lexicon sounded very cold and artificial, while the Classe was much warmer and musical sounding. However, one must remember that the Classe is a bare-bones procesor. It has only 1 DSP mode (music surround) which is nothing to get excited about. The bass management is very limited -- one selection of 80 Hz is your only choice. The Lexicon has many more DSP settings and the bass management is much more extensive. I think it really depends on what you are looking for. If music and basic decoding of DTS and Dolby Digital is what you want, I think the Classe is the best deal out there. If you want lots of DSP options, the Lexicon would be a better choice.
I have an ssp25. It is a great sounding pre amp with home thearter processing as a bonus. At about $1900 used it is worth the money just as a pre amp.