Throwing your gear under the bus

Have you ever had a piece of gear/wire that you knew was outstanding and then one day you decide to throw it under the bus only to find your self retrieving the same gear later down the road and wondering why you did such a thing?.

A full loom of JPS Aluminata wire was in my system only to be tossed under the bus because of upgradites. Now I am picking up the pieces and going back to what I knew was my last wire purchase.

Any gear thrower's here?
thats easy the Goldmund tt&arm....and a pair of proac super tabletts...sold on the cheap..what was I thinking

Aerial Model 6's ... practically gave them away and now I have a perfect place for them.

Sold a Sansui G-9000 receiver to a buddy to get it out of my rack ... he turned around and sold it on eBay for three times what I charged him. I ended up buying a similar (but not nearly as nice) receiver for my office not two years later and again paid more than I should have.

My Spectron Musician III Mk 2 amp. I sold it and bought a Pass XA30.5. Within two weeks I returned the Pass and bought another Spectron.
Oh yes. A CAL Alpha DAC. They went out of business and I sold it. I missed it so much that I bought another one. Sad, the replacement has never sounded as good as the one I sold.
Glory, you were elated with Synergistic Research wire. What happened?
Yes, several times
Generally it is the result of making system changes over time and then saying to myself "I wonder what ______ would sound like in this system"
Where do I start, too many to list! Infinity 8 Kappas with Forte monoblocks that set up sounded awewsome. Sold it to buy a pair of B&W 801 Matrix IIIs and a Krell KAS 200S amp. I stopped listening for a long time. It struck me when I went over to my friend's house to listen to my old Infinity 8 Kappas and Forte monoblocks. Next Apogee Duetta Signatures with Threshold SA-1A monoblocks that sounded spectacular that sold to buy a pair of Apogee Diva's and Krell KRS 100s. The Krell KRS and the Diva's are way over rated. Thats just the speaker and amp examples! I cannot count the front ends! Turntable for CD Player!
Too many times to mention.
Agree with glide.

When you are seeking a certain sound, every change to the system changes the equation regarding how everything interacts together and the resulting sound. What did not work optimally before may well be a nice fit now.
Returned a Purepower 700 and after selling a Power Plant Premier bought another Purepower unit (1050).
Just don't throw your gear under the bus until after you sell it. THEN trash it in the forums and THEN buy it back. Talk about how great it is THEN sell it. Repeat.
SME 5 on a Sota Star Sapphire...Got smitten with all the cool looking (and cool sounding) aluminum and acrylic tables out there...

Smooth move huh.
Nah, I just hoard it all now, and concentrate on what additional stuff I have to buy to turn the hoard into 4 more complete I'm like a crow, I see something shiny and I just have to jump off the bus and run to keep throwing lads and announce it here...
Oh, it hurts to think about these things. Most painful- I sold my McIntosh MC 300 to buy a Pass Labs X250.5. Just didn't work in my system.
yes- but in my case, a nice watch (Omega Seamaster Chrono in white)- luckily the guy still had it- I bought it back immediately- what was I thinking??!! :-)
if you main regretting selling a piece of gear, i regret selling my cary slp 94 preamp. i think i was a bit hasty during the break-in process.
The good thing about items that we regret selling is that they are excellent pieces that stand the test of time, and were likely purchased by a good number of others. Therefore, the odds are high that these pieces can be easily repurchased in the future.

I lost my mind for a short time. You know how that goes don't you?
Currently on my third pair of Meadowlark Kestrels. In a small room they sound so right but they are such simple little speakers I keep thinking I can get better sound from a newer design. This pair I have now ain't going anywhere no matter what.
I'm sort of sad I sold my Acoustic Energy Aegis Ones. They're not an expensive speaker, a little hard to find is all. Don't do rock dynamics, just laid back... and easy to listen to. Have not found any speaker for the price as easy to listen to. Thought I had to sell 'em but for the little they cost, what was I thinking?

OTOH I almost sold my Apogee Mini-DAC and I'm really glad I didn't. OK I could have paid for new speaker cables with the money but who cares. It sounds lots better than the newer and cheaper Apogee Duet and it makes my computer system sing.
oh man, til the day I die.. Apogee Duetta II's. I won't go on and on, but the WTF was I thinking??????????
Bought, sold, re-bought, re-sold Lamm LL2 Deluxe.

Bought, sold, re-bought Shunyata Anaconda power cords.

Bought, sold, re-bought, re-sold, re-bought Purist Audio Venustas interconnects.

That's it really.

Might one day re-buy a Pass Labs XA-30.5 (although I only owned it long enough for an audition before I bought Pass Labs XA-60.5...which I sold).

Puchased and sold Merlin VSM speakers 3 times!
Also bought a Wyred 4 Sound ST1000 returned it. Bought another, sold it. Good amps though, amp speaker synergy thing.