Throughly disappointed with my new Yamaha A-3000 Integrated.......

well, I love it when it's not shutting down.  Finally called the dealer and told them I'm done with it.  From the first day, it shut off and went into protection mode after 10 minutes of listening.  It's doing it all the time now.  I did figure out how to reset the amp, but it continues to go into protection mode.  Here's what I've done to track the issue down.  Am I missing anything?  By the way, I'm a user, not someone who can track down voltages, test wires etc etc.

1. Pulled power cord for 30 minutes- I use a PS audio PC
2. Unplugged all connections- amp stayed in protection mode with nothing plugged in.
3. I then figured out how to reset the amp.  The amp then worked for for some periods before shutting off.  Yesterday for example, playing vinyl, amp shut off after 5 minutes.  I then did the reset and listened for 2 hours without shutting down. 
4. Today, after 5 minutes it shut down again.
5. Doesn't matter if it's vinyl or CD playing.
6. I just unplugged my Sub now as the rca cables are a bit bent up; however it didn't affect play for 2 hours yesterday without shutting off.

Disappointed as I was looking forward to breaking this in over Christmas break........  
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thanks guys, my dynaudio are I think 86db and I think a 4 ohm. But heat seems about the same , if the amp got warm under load unstanderable, but twice now I’ve let it sit and not play any music. And still gets very hot. 

Regards dave
Hi guys,

dealer came over this afternoon ,agreed that amp is too hot and is going to get another one in asap.

Fingers crossed

 cheers dave
sounds like a good dealer.  Good luck, I was worried when mine had issues as I didn't want to go a different direction.  My new one is flawless and emits beautiful sound.
Hi guys,

long time between visits, so an update.

The  first amp went back as warranty claim and I received a second amp which ran very hot so back to the dealer.

He arranged for the first amp to be checked by Yamaha Australia and it was discovered the biasing was out. So the second amp was checked locally by technicians and yep biasing was out. Biasing redone and now the amp runs cool to warm . And sounds great.

annoying that you have to mess around abit after spending this sort of money, happy because it’s running sweet now
^ I think it's the result of shipping. The bias is adjusted by simple trim pots on the top of each amp channel, near the heatsinks. Yamaha should be using some sort of tamper putty on them, unfortunately they don't and I wouldn't be surprised if repeated transport vibrations is what throws them off.

These amps are great but the packaging is absolutely ridiculous for an item that weighs over 50 lbs. Something that heavy and expensive should be shipped in a wooden crate.