Thrift store finds. Yamaha ca-600 integrated amp

Hello out there!
I was at my local Goodwill store a few weeks ago, and while thumbing through the vinyl records area, I looked up and a lady employee was bringing out a blue bin of new merchandise to put on the shelves, and a vintage silver amp caught my eye.
With my heart beating a little faster now, I nonchalantly made a bee-line to the bin she placed on the floor. I picked up the amp and noticed it was a Yamaha ca-600 in decent shape. I plugged it in and the relay clicked but no red power light came on. I managed to test it and it seemed to work. I was pondering " another amp to drag home!?!" do I really want this, it was only $9.98.
I have never been that impressed with any of the Kenwoods and pioneers I heard from that time period, BUT I thought you never know if its good or bad until you hear it play.
I needed to use the john there so I gave it to my 9 year old son, Aaron. He was in the toy section, and I told him "make sure no one tries to take it from you and if they do, yell"
(I know I'm a freak)
Anyway, I get home and hook it up, and was floored with the sound it produced! I'm now making it my main system amp, its just the best thing ever, Im so pleased. Mind you I have spent a lot of money (for me) on stereo stuff. This is really bitter sweet. I have had/heard a fair amount of stuff, To name a few: Threshold, rega, lots of NAD's (original 3020 is was the best still, IMO) Forte, Audio aero integrated, Rotel, Arcam Delta 290, Cary and a lot of others.
Yamaha made super MUSICAL integrateds, that are dynamic and detailed and most importantly musical, thats what gets you involved , so that matters most to me.

Question: Have you had a similar experience?, please share.

Thanks, Mcgarick
if you like it now, have audiogon member EZEKIEL (a.k.a. randy young) do some upgrades on it. i have a yamaha cr-800 receiver i want to get to him someday after he worked magic on some other vintage equipment i have (and may never sell :-) he's located near knoxville, tennessee fyi.

congrats on the score!
I had a yamaha CA-1000 that worked great, until the C-J sound seduced me I had no reason to move on. Good score
nothing like a great deal out of the blue.
That was the first audio component I ever bought. It was in way back in 1978 or 1979. I still had it until last year when I came home from work and find out that my wife had thrown it away while cleaning out our basement (along with my Yamaha T-550 tuner that I boulght shortly after I bought the CA-600). It's a great find. Enjoy it!!

Nice Find! I love finding vintage gear priced way low. My second/computer room system is vintage gear that changes around somewhat except for the Dynaco A 25 speakers.
Another excellent person to repair vintage gear is Radio X tuners. Prices are very fair and work is excellent. The only downside is a long wait time but you can keep your gear til he's ready for it. Enjoy your find:)

For what these go for used, they're a no brainer.

No, I have not sold mine,it sits like a wallflower in the basement as a back up. This amp needs warm speakers to really shine,It has shovel fulls of detail.I had Polk LSi 9's hooked up to it for awhile and that combo would go up against anything.
I have now moved to tubes,after an afair with accuphase product,which are freakin super,the OOO Yammies are great amps that are cheap used,still recommend.