Thrift store bargain

Wow. I visited a thrift store in my neighborhood this afternoon. They had a decent looking Sony Blu-ray player for $8.99 with a digital coaxial out. Bingo! I have a NuForce integrated amp as part of my basement system, and it has a digital coaxial input. By the way, my old CD players bit the dust years ago. Plugged the Sony in…and holy bejesus it sounds pretty damn good. Not bad for $10 with tax. Anyone out there find anything decent recently for not a lot of scratch? Listening to Tool right now and I’m pretty freaking amazed. I’ll have fun tonight dusting off some CDs.
I stop by Goodwill once in a while, it near the Lowe's so it's not out of the way. I found a working Pioneer PL-50 it has no dust cover and needed a belt,  for only 20 bucks. Work great too.  Recently, I've been using Facebook's "Marketplace" feature.  I scored a Pioneer PL-71 DD TT in very nice condition.  Marketplace is geared for local sales where touch and feel before you buy is the name of the game.
My son goes to 3 or 4 Savers when he comes up on the weekend.  He sometimes comes home with dusty crap I do not want in my home. I won’t shop at goodwill stores. If I want used equipment, AC is my choice. 
@stereo5  Ha ha…Savers is where I bought the BluRay player.  I don’t go there much. Like you, I have no room for used electronics in my house, but I could not pass on this one. 
Yes, Sir.  I found a Denon CD/DVD player for $10 at Habitat for Humanity.  Came home, did a search, turned out it was MSRP $500.  Sounds fine.  Just had a little bit of paint overspray on it.