Thrift buy : Klipsch Reference 3

First experience with a Klipsch Reference product. Granted these are slightly older (early 2000s), but still have the classic trademarks: horns mated to conventional drivers (dual 8s).In this case, these are titanium horns. Not sure what the lower lines utilize (aluminum?). At any rate, first impressions: these have a big sound, with exceptional clarity. Not as bright or forward sounding as others have suggested, but nicely balanced. Granted, they don't do the "spatial" depth trick or 3D midrange some higher end speakers accomplish, but they don't have an Achilles's heal either. Pleasantly surprised by the low end. Not boomy, but highly musical. If anything, a touch lean. Although these are large speakers by most standards, those seeking earth shattering bass might be disappointed. An impulsive used purchase, these have a huge fun factor. They play loud and cleanly, they also excel at low volume listening. Percussive instruments really shine, with great separation, and nice attack. Vocals also nicely rendered, with very sibilance. Midrange could use a touch more meat, but I'm nitpicking. 
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Anybody familiar with F-3 model?

The Synergy F-3 is a 2009ish Best Buy version.  Sounds okay for what it is but cheaply built.


Besides the reference series, what other dual 8 towers would be somewhat comparable in performance?
Got a pair of Klipsch RP-160m, it sound so neutral, flat, dynamic, which I think has some benefits and some shorcomings, for drum music perhaps need a little bit more softer, for treble it's a little bright senstive to some recordings or gears, and even ears, nevertheless it's a great speakers for the price, for long listening still LS3/5a British style speakers
"Besides the reference series, what other dual 8 towers would be somewhat comparable in performance?"

Not much outside of the Reference series can you find dual 8" woofers except for the lower model Synergy or re-badged Best Buy Icon models.

Tell your buddy to look for a pair of KLF-20's which have dual 10" woofers, 1.5" horn loaded midrange, and a 1" horn loaded tweeter.

Also, maybe look for a pair of KG4's.  They are too big to be considered bookshelf speakers and too small to be considered floorstanders.  Dual 8" woofers, horn loaded tweeter, and single 12" rear passive radiator.

Where is your friend located?