Threshold VS PASS

I am a happy owner of a threshold s/500 e line modded,and have never owned any pass labs gear,thinking of buying x250 or x350,or T800 ,just looking for advice??? Your opiions wil be greatly appreciated
Thank You Charles

Ps I was debating getting Jon Soderberg do mod one of my stock s/500 instead of buying a new amp
Stereoheads, right now in my system I have a pair of Pass Labs XA-100 monoblocks and a pair of the legendary Threshold SA-1 Monoblocks driving my MG-20's.

I never warmed up to Pass Labs X series amps, but the X.5, XA, and XA.5 series take the best virtues of the Threshold house sound, warmth/liquidity/natural timbres, and adds more clarity/transparency, extension on top, and bigger more layered soundstage to the mix. So, I would recommend you try to find a used X-350.5 to audition. Take a look at my review of it here on the GON.
only a baby step, if that.