Threshold T400 VS Threshold S450E

I'd like to know if anyone has compared these two power amps? I have an opportunity to purchase either one for about the same price. Opinions please.
I have a pair of T400 and a S550e. I would say it all depends on your taste and your speakers. The design of the T series is completly different to the S series. Speaking with Jon Soderberg and in my opinion also the S series is more laidback, sweeter sound and musical. The T series is more analytical and precised.

I have the T400 bridged to monos. A T2 preamp modified by Jon is driving them and they are powering a pair of B&W 801 Matrix S3. Since the speakers are in the laidback side the compensate very good providing me a very fast, clean, precise but still sweet sound.

The S550e is connected to a pair of B&W 803 Nautilus. It is also driven by a T2 preamp. Since the Nautilus seris is a little more bright than the Matrix series the musicallity of the S series compensate for that very good.

Before the S550e I had a S450e for sometime and I loved it.
The S450e will give you 1/3 more watts than the T400 and about the same ampers out.

You will not be worng with either one. If your speakers are in the brighter side and with low efficiency I would recommend the S450e.

I think if I ever find a perfect pair of S12e in black finish I might replace the T400 with them.

Hope this help you or let me know if you want more detail information.