Threshold T2 vs. Bryston SP26 vs. Plinius M8

Basically, which one of these 3 line stages do you think is the best? How does the older Threshold T2 compare to the new Bryston BP-26 and Plinius M8?

I am having a tough time choosing between the Threshold T2 and the Plinius M8 and may stretch my budget to the limit in considering the Bryston BP-26 if the latter is more superior to both. I own the Plinius SA-100Mk3 amp and Krell KPS-30i CD player.

Looking for transparency and dynamics and would like to avoid warm-sounding preamps.

Thanks in advance.
the m8 with your system
I had Plinius SA-102 revision 2 and SA-250mk4. Classe CP-47.5mk2 was very good combination. CP-65 way better. Plinius pre amps (and amps) have high(er) background noise IMO.
Try the Classe CP-65 if you can. It is very close to the Classe Omega pre.
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Of thouse three I would choose the Threshold. However, given your desire for transparency and dynamics over warmth, I would recommend the Bryston.

Thanks for all responses. I will keep the Bryston BP-26 high in my shortlist although I'm using a Plinius amp. The Plinius M8 may be synergistic with my amp but I am not disregarding other high-quality units.

I also noted that the Threshold T2 is a very good unit as I have a friend who owns a T2 upgraded by Jon Soderberg and also a T3. He is not willing to part with both his two Thresholds despite my persistent bugging.
Yeah, the T2 is one of the best SS preamps I've heard period, and I've heard quite a few. However, I tend to prefer tube preamps and more musical SS units.

The Plinius is similar to the Threshold in that it has rich harmonics and musicality. However, the Bryston is more transparent and dynamic, if that is what you seek.