Threshold T2 versus Wadia 850 as Preamp

How does the Threshold T2 stack up against the Wadia 850 accompanied with the Wadia 17 AD converter for sound as a preamp? I can't wait to hear these responses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My system currently uses a Wadia 850 w Threshold T2 preamp, Bryston 10B crossover, pair of Threshold S-500 Series II amps to Infinity RS-1b speakers for my analogue portion.

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I can't comment on your exact set-up.
However I did have a Wadia 6 cd player mated with Threshold T200 and Aerial 7B speakers. Incredible detail. Sounded great for a while. But over time it sounded harsh on the highs. I would describe the sound as bright or edgy. I later added a T2 and it helped this quite a bit (at least to my ears).
The Wadia 6 was one of the first CD players Wadia made with a volume control (early 90's). I read they made many improvements on later models & that they sound better direct. I talked with Great Northern Sound about upgrading/modifying it. If I had had just a little more money I would have instead of selling it.
Thanks. Nomad. I currently run Tice cables to my speakers for the high end which lets detail through but seems to give warmth to that edgy sound you refer to. Something about big fat copper cables. I am extremely happy with my sound at present ........ but of course always looking for more. Your Wadia6-T2-7B setup actually on paper must sound alot like my analogue portion of sound. Just don't know yet if digital input addition on the Wadia is worth it. The T2 has such a nice dead black background for sound.
Why don't you contact Steve at Great Northern Sound, I don't think anyone knows more about the Wadia players then Steve. I have a Wadia 850 with the Statement upgrade and run it direct without a preamp and the sound is just awesome. call Steve he can answer all your question he is a class act!!!