Threshold Stasis S/150

I am considering purchasing the S/150 to drive the Vandersteen 2ci. Do you think the S/150 is enough to drive the 2ci? What I have heard is that the first 30 watts is in Class A mode. Thanks 

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@highend64 if you buy/use one of these 30 year old amps, the main power caps and bits regularly get replaced as others have mentioned. Has to do with age, not the condition of the amp alone. Check with different techs in your area, best of luck.

Ok let me be really clear here. The Threshold amps are a great piece of history. If you want history,,, this is what you want. If you want high performance sound quality,.. what is your budget, we will help you find high end sound quality… it is not going to be a 40 year old amp.


I have not made a commitment on the amp yet. All I was asking if the Threshold was enough to drive the Vandersteen. My budget is less then 1.5k.

yes… for a speaker in production since 1977 w 250 k sold in many variants including NOW, the 2 like ALL Vandersteen products is designed to be an EASY load…no ultra low impedance dips or bizare phase angles, etc…

My brother gets excellent results w a slightly larger Threshold and the 3a-signature

Join us at Vandersteen owners forum…. lots of 2 owners can tell you what amps they use.

Do pay some attention to age of unit and VERY possible need for recap..