Threshold Stasis-R 5.0 v. Precision Fidelity C7

Hello: We currently run the latest Threshold-R 5.0 linestage(essentially a cutting edge version of the famed T2). Just wondered if anyone could give me some insight into a dilemma I've encountered: Retain the mil-spec engineered Threshold with six inputs (balanced and single-ended) or convert to a relatively older Precision Fidelity C7 with its simpler circuit design. Our primary source is a Well-Tempered Super Classic to which we connect the Threshold Fet-10Pe Phono Stage, which in turn runs balanced outs to the Stasis-R 5.0 balanced inputs. The monoblocks are Henry Wolcott's CA-250, operating push-pull via eight 6CA7's per side.

As for the Precision Fid. C7, some persons express that "The C-7 was essentially a high quality (tube) phono-stage with two volume controls, a couple of extra (passive) inputs and no line-stage. This is 'the dream design' of today's audiophiles who have phono-centric systems, like me. (My own preamplifier, the Jadis JP-80, was heavily modified to copy the basic design of the C-7.)." See Arthur Salvatore,

In essence could someone indicate some direction on living with the intricate -- yet finely precise -- circuitry of the Threshold or transitioning to a relatively simple, short circuit path C7, given our phono-centric setup. The Threshold is $5,000.00 new (and I've never seen one used but for the one in which we invested) whereas the Precision Fidelity C7 can be had for $350.00 to $500.00 on the used market.

Thanks to all who can assist with their "academic" knowledge and practical experience.
Given your description
to a relatively simple, short circuit path C7, given our phono-centric setup
I strongly recommend you opt for the used C7.
While the C7 it may need some refurbishing, it will provide a different and interesting sound with yr Wolcotts. For an outlay of <500 it's definitely worth it. In good condition, the C7 emulates an "energetic" sonic character with some little explosions. Afai remember. Years ago.
Thanks for the helpful assistance and guidance on this rather agonizing decision-making process.
Pardon my successive post; obtained a relatively pristine Precision Fidelity C7/A and using it as a phono stage; from what I hear, its quite an exquisite phono section (what some consider one of the planet's best) and complements the beautiful tenor of the Threshold Stasis-R 5.0 line stage. I highly doubt that we will be getting rid of either piece in this lifetime. Thank you all for your gracious input and happy listening!
Good for you, Somut.
Thank you and pleasant listening!