Threshold SL10 preamp with MC/MM phono stage

I’ve been reading Threshold SL-10 review by @ferrari ... and some other people raving about its phono section.

The price even for mint condition units today is very nice. Recap work is easy. Power transformer in separate power supply is also easy to replace. Many items for sale already serviced by professionals.

This SL10 preamp looks very nice.

Anyone can comment about the quality of the phono stage in this old preamp ?

I like First Watt and Pass Labs gear a lot, but never tried any phono stages designed by papa aka Nelson Pass.

It seems like it was cost no object product when Threshold was №1

I’m even thinking to buy one. It’s worth it ? Some units are under $1200

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Absolutely Chakster. I had one and sold it to get a Krell unit. It was a mistake the Threshold was better. Two years later I got the next Krell which was marginally superior. The threshold is built like a tank. The weakest parts are probably the pots and rotary switch. They were the best available back then.  If they don't crackle you are good to go. The phono section is excellent.
They're certainly beautiful, like the FET-10.
HERE is the original threshold sl-10 (pdf file) manual for those who forgot.