Threshold SA3 or T200 amp

I've searched the archives and can't find a direct answer to which one of these amps would sound better with my Thiel CS6 speakers. If the price were about the same, which amp would you buy? They're both class A (60WPC for the SA3 vs. 100WPC for the T200)
I'd suggest the one with more power.
Ditto, your speakers need as much power as you can through at them. Also make sure that the amp can handle a low impedance as your speakers dip to 2.5 ohms and are basically 4 ohm speakers. Check how much current the amp can deliver. Cheers
Thiel are lean sounding, so I go for the smoothness and warmth of the SA3 which I owned. You just cant rock out with it.
From what I know, Thiels are tough on amps. Thresholds don't have a ton of power and really aren't happy below 4 ohms. If you push things really hard, both amps may have issues. The difference between 60 and 100 watts is only about 2db. I'd look at something with a lot more power and lower impedance ratings...just my 2 cents.
S1600's @ 800 Watts per channel, don't have a ton of power?
Threshold did not recommend continous loads below 4 Ohms, but, they burnt each amp in with a 2 Ohm load for 48 hours before testing and delivering. Threshold used Thiel CS 5's which dropped down to 2 Ohms, as one of their reference speakers, and before that they, used other Thiels too. It is reputed that Thiel has used various Threshold amps as reference amps to develop some of their speakers.
Thiel recommended between 100 and 500 Watts for the CS 6, and that the amp should be able to double down into 4 Ohms and at the very least be three times as powerfull into 2 Ohms as it would into 8 Ohms.
Your room and desired listneing levels will determine just how much power you need. I suggest you 1. buy the best quality and 2. the most powerfull amp into low impedances that you can. A good starting point might be something like 800 watts into 2 Ohms.