Threshold SA/3 to Pass Labs X250 comparison?

Anyone done a head-to head comparison of Threshold SA/3 to Pass Labs x250 or owned or auditioned both amps? I've owned a Threshold SA/3 for many years and am considering an upgrade to the Pass Labs X250 -- assuming it is an upgrade. I like the SA/3 but want a bigger, deeper, more transparent soundstage -- within my budget. I understand the x250 is more musical than the 350, is a big move up from the 150, and I just can't afford the .5 series.

Thanks for your feedback!

The rest of my system is:
Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD DAC/Transport (running direct to amp)
Mirage M3's (bi-wired)
Cardis Cables and interconnects
Audio not fishin, I still use a pair of classic Threshold SA-1 monoblocks with a Pass LabsX-350.5 to bi-amp my MG-20r's. I can assure you that what you are looking for sonicly, as stated in your post, would be delivered by a Pass LabsX-250. In the first generation X-series the best sounding amps were the 250 single chassis and the 600 mono-blocks. The new X.5 series are wonderful sounding, a step above the first generation, but if its not in your budget, don't worry about it because a 250 well bring your whole system to another level. Hope this helps.
Teajay is correct. The X-250 is one of the best amps for the used prices (since the .5 was developed, the X-250 prices have dropped even more) You can buy a used X-250 and resell it for what you bought it for. It works great with tube and SS preamps, has deep, dynamic powerful bass, the mids are as good as SS gets. Good details and soundstage.

Happy Listening.
Thanks for the feedback, Teajay and Bigkidz. I appreciate your input. Aside from sound, if the X250 lasts as well as my SA/3 has, I'll have many, many years of listening enjoyment!
Audio not fishn, thank you for posting this question, I am in exactly the same situation, (same boat?). I am also going to move up to the X250. I have an SA/3 & Dynaudio Contour S3.4 speakers. Although the SA/3 sounds very beautiful I am looking forward to the extra slam, jump factor, and detail the X250 will give. The reviews I have read talk of the X250 being a little too detailed, but giving up a little richness is a fact of life when going from Class A to a Class A/B design.
Please post your thoughts on the X250 when you place it in your system.
Thanks Page 12. It may be a little while yet, but I'll post my impression of the move up after it happens.
Hi again,
I made the change. I sold the SA/3 after posting for only one day and picked up an X250 a few weeks later. I am just starting to get it set up properly as the system plays second fiddle to the Xmas tree at this time of year. Let me know if you still have any specific questions and I will do my best to answer. Cheers,
Please post your comments on the sonic differences between the Threshold and Pass Lab amps because I am also an owner of a Threshold S350e and was thinking of a Pass Lab upgrade as well.
Sorry guys, but I own the X-350 and it is better than the x-250.
Null1, if you think the X-350 is better then the X-250, I recommend you audition a X-350.5, I believe you would be amazed at how much better the .5 is then the orginial 350 across all sonic factors. I kept my Aleph 1's after audtioning the first generation X series because I did not find them as to be as musical, even though they had much greater details/clarity/extension, but the 350.5 has the virtues of the X series with the warmth/musicality of the Aleph series.
I made the switch from the X350 to the X350.5. The upgrade was substantial. Tube like sweetness with great bass detail. Many of my audiophile friends now have this amp on their wish list.
Page 12, I'm hoping you've now spent some time with your x250. Please share your views versus the SA/3 you sold. Good move?? Thanks,
Has anyone made comparisons between the Threshold S500 Series II, Threshold S550e, Pass X250 and Pass X250.5 's?