Threshold S300 power amp.

I am looking for an owners manual for this amplifier. A xerox copy would be just fine with me. Please get in touch with me on this. Thanks all.
I can help. My email is
your email server will not let me email you.
Does anyone know the input impedance of this amplifier?

Thank you for your consideration.
Thank you so much. I finally figured out why my email program rejected your and many other emails. My security program (Zone Alarm) was set improperly. I've fixed the problem. Thank you for your efforts to send me a copy of the manual for this amplifier.

By the way, would you share what your system consists of and what cables and line conditioner you use? Thank you very much for all your troubles sir.

I take it you've received the manual, if not, I can scan mine and mail it to you.
As for your question about the system: preamp is an Audio Research LS-2, loudspeakers are Apogee Centaur Major's, cables are German W&M. Sources are a Goldmund TT and Audio Alchemy cd-transport and Northstar Design DAC. No line conitioner. Hope that helps.

You have an excellent audio system. . How did you settle on the speakers and Audio Research pre-amp? Also, I thought Goldmund was no longer in business. I understand it is and excellent turntable. Tell me more about the Alchemy CD transport. Does it play HDCD as well as redbook? I also notice you do not use a line conditioner. Why not if I may ask? Thanks again for your contact and providing this great information sir.

Hi Bob, thnx for the compliment. How did I choose my gear...

I first heard Apogee speakers at a guy I met on another forum who lives close by. I was hooked at the amazing clarity, detail, dynamic range... everything actually. So when I found these Majors for sale, I jumped on them, althought they are a completely different design than the ones I heard. But they share the detail, clarity, imaging etc.
After that I did a lot of listening and had the feeling there was something that was holding the performance back. After some experimenting I figured the preamp I had (Aragon 24K with IPS) was the weak link. Someone had the AR for sale, so I bought it under the condition I could return it within a week if it wasn't an improvement. But after a few minutes listening, I knew I made a good choice. After some tube-rolling, I improved the AR just a wee bit more.

Goldmund still exists, but doesn´t make analogue anymore. They´re still making excellent (and very expensive) digital sources and amps though.
As for the Audio Alchemy: it's based on a Pioneer Stable Platter mechanism and uses an outboard power supplu which contains no less than five (5) transformers. I bought it secondhand at a store, who chipped in a spare and brandnew laser-unit, so it'll keep on playing for many years from now. Only downside is the display, which is so dim, it's almost impossible to read from the sweet spot.

Last, the power conditioner. I haven't done any extensive tests, I just tried one which didn't have any effect whatsoever. I just decided I'd rather spend the money on music instead on even more equipment. I'm not saying a power conditioner doesn't work: in my system, with my ears, that particular power conditioner didn't make a difference at that moment.
Satch, you have done an excellent job of putting together a great and wonderful music system. I am very impressed at how you proceeded, taking baby steps, as it were. I have taken a page out of your book and plan to proceed the same way if you don't ming the copy (smile). It appears to me that the most logical way to go is how you built your system. Thanks much for sharing with me.

Thanx again. You need a bit of luck to find gear you like. Then again, there's plenty of gear I'd probably like, so I might have ended up with a completely different system that I would still be very happy with.
Good luck on your quest, let us know how things work out!