Threshold S200 or Phase linear 400

That is the question.

Speakers : JBL L112

The Phase linear is completely new, rebuilt by a very skilled phase linear lover.
The threshold is in good shape and sounds well in the store, but no component has been changed...

I cannot try the amps on my system in my room, so I am looking for some feedback from experienced people...

Almost the same price...

What is your advice ?
Threshold is a in a different class. Phaselinear was budget gear 35 years ago when new. Get that Threshold ,100 watts of clean power.
I run a Threshold S/500 as my bass amplifier in my bi-amp system. Even full-range, it's one of my favorite power amps. Excellent bass, very detailed and not forward or harsh.

After all, this is the work of Nelson Pass.

The S series of amplifiers are very special - it's really two amps in one. A Class A amplifier that pretty much can call upon a Class AB amplifier if extra current is required.
Go with the Threshold. At one point with my systems I had a rebuilt Threshold 400A and a rebuilt Phase Linear 700B. On paper the Phase Linear 700B had it beat on watts/channel. With the KEF Q90 speakers I had at the time my preference went with the 400A though. Sound quality wise between both of them the 400A was much more enjoyable. The 700B was too forward sounding. That 700B I had would be great for DJ speakers IMO.