Threshold monoblocks


Does anybody knows something about the SA 10e first hand? Is it better than the SA/1? 

Someone is selling one for $5300,- would you buy it? I have a matching fet 10e.

Or would you wait for a SA/1? Or buy a cheaper SA /4e?

Or run for a pass aleph?

Any insight would be helpfull.


Hello Jouri,

The SA/10e monoblocks were the last designs of Nelson Pass before he left Threshold, circa 1990-1994. 175 wpc Class A Stasis monoblocks.

Here is a link:

As to whether or not I would buy them, that would depend on the condition.  Being ~ 25 years old, they are due to be re-capped, if they have not been re-capped already.

If they have already been re-capped, I think they would be a good buy.
If they haven't been re-capped, I would probably avoid them unless the price came down enough to make me interested again.

Great amps, still can hang with the best out there today. Just make sure that their maintenance is up to par. That goes for any older amp that you are considering buying.

Hi John,

Thanks for the info! The owner said that he recapped in 2010 and that the monoblocks are not in use anymore since 2015. 

They look in pristine condition *drool*

Are your T400's still working? 
Jouri, I only ever had one T400, and that was a loooong time ago.
These days I'm running a pair of Pass Labs XA-100.5 mono-block amps.

Recapped in 2010 sounds good.
Who did the recapping? Threshold Audio? Jon Souderberg at Vintage Amp Repair?
If so, you are probably good to go.

If an amateur recapped himself, I may be a bit wary though.
randy-11721 posts03-09-2017 11:02pmok, but which capacitors did he use??

how much is the used Aleph?

I don't know what kind of caps he put in there. The Aleph is already gone

I do know he' s a collector, with lots of STASIS amps.

My gf is ampblocking .... Hope i can persuade her.... So close
Victorious :)


What does that mean Jouri?
Did you wind up with the pair of Threshold SA-10/e mono-block amps?
There were several close calls, but i wind up with a pair of:

Higher Fidelity model 138

(Scroll down)

It’s a 275 watts in 8 ohm class A monster. I received it with original boxes and manuel from the first owner. All i know was that they (higher fidelity) were used as reference monoblocks by image hifi magazine. Some German hifi magazine in the 90’s.

The seller was slimming down his setup (integrated amp). He played with JBL Everest speakers and stated that they were the absolute best amps he ever heard. He used to own SA-1’s for 5 years but sold them as the Higer Fidelity were much better. He says that the only amp that played in the same league (and didn’t bested it) was a Gryphon Antilleon Evo. That last part won me over.

All i can say is, he wasn’t bullshitting. I’m nervous to put on a cd :) What is going to happen? Music listening becomes music feeling. I’m just transfixed on the couch. Especially live music. It matches perfectly with the fet 10e soundwise! Like they were made for each other.

My tech is going to look them over thoroughly soon, and they will get a full recap next year or sooner. These baby’s are not going anywhere!

Price was $2950 :) total :)
Congrats! They sound like they are awesome amps!

I have never heard of them, but that doesn't mean that they aren't great amps.

Are they German made?
I believe the company is from the USA. But the products were exported to Germany & Hong Kong.

Angstrom loudspeakers is connected somehow. I guess the old owner was also responsible for Higher Fidelity