Threshold input impedance ????

Does anybody know what is the imput impedance for a Threshold S450e usinf the balanced XLR connection?

I do not know the exact number however I know that all Threshold series pre & amps were IGFET designs. Given this fact, the input impedance will be very high for both single-ended & XLR.
If your pre has a nominal output imp. of 600Ohms or something higher like 1 or 2Kohms, you should be just fine using the S450e, IMHO.
Thanks for you reply. The reason behind my question is that I am planning on buying a pair of MIT balanced interconnects and they are input specific (Low/Medium/High) and I need to pick the right one. Here is how MIT devide them: low (5-50-kW), medium (40-100kW) or high (90-¥kW) .
Some years ago I had a Threshold SA-4e. The input impedance is 50 K Ohms unbalanced and 600 Ohm balanced.
I had an excellent Magnan Signature XLR cable which by design has a very high impedance of 30 K Ohms. My local Threshold service simply removed one resistor per channel which changed the balanced input impedance to something like 50 K Ohms.
It was easy and without any problems because this resistor's role was simply to lower the input impedance to match a studio norm of 600 Ohms. Thus removing it did not affect the amplifiers basic design or performance.
My Magnan Signature worked excellent with the SA-4e after the modification.
600 Ohm on Balanced for sure!!
hope this helps, since you're selling the unit . . . (I saw your ad)
God Bless

Thanks Gonzalo. I was very happy with the S450e but I had the opportunity to buy back a S550e that I owned a few years ago. That's the only reason I am selling the S450e otherwise it will stay with me for long time. The S550e has sentimental value for me so I couldn't resist to get it back.