Threshold fet10e/hl : Good or bad?

I'm looking at buying a used one, let me know your former experiances. Was it a joy to own, or a headache?
I had a fet 10 hl from 1988 to march 2000. In 1988 it was one of the best preamps available. Over the years other units improved much regarding speed, dynamics and detail. But it still is a very musical preamp, easy to listen to and not hurting you. In 1999 I tried to migrate to surround sound and bought a lexicon DC-1, which is considered to be an excellent stereo preamp also. I hoped to add surround capabilities without sacrificing stereo performance. The DC-1 was faster and showed a wider soundstage, but it's sound was kind of aggressive and sharp. It hurt me, so I could not listen with pleasure for long hours. I ended in selling the DC-1, staying with the old fet 10 and pure stereo. Later in 2000 I bought a wadia 830 connected directy to my threshold SA-4e power amp. Now I have everything: Speed, dynamics, clarity, detail and smoothness. Bottom line: If you want a musical unit for few dollars, go for the fet 10. If you want everything, spend more money
The fet ten/hl is the most musical preamp I've ever had. It's the only one I've experienced that makes the piano sound natural, never sharp or harsh. It offers a purity of tone and a see-through quality. Compared to the Forte 44 it replaced, it is less dark or muddy sounding. And comparison, the fet's tonality sounded a tad lighter or thinner. The fet sounds clean but not bright, and it's without glare on heavy transients. Price new in was $2,500. The ten/e offers balanced ins and outs and listed for $3,200. It would be my upgrade choice, mainly to run balanced into my S350/e to get that floaty, hanging in space quality. I see some fet ten/e/hl's now and then. Apparently this is a stock ten/hl (rca's only) and an 'e' power supply. So be careful. I've had my ten/hl over a year, it's never distressed me, and I'm glad I got it.
Uli and Rockvirgo thanks for your responses and e-mail. A Threshold fan liked this preamp but found the bass "lean" what do you think? Thanks again.
yeah lean is a good word if ya got monitors like i do, proac 2000 sigs. so the fet would really be ideally suited to bigger bass heavy units. doesn't bother me tho. the fet's fluidity of tone does it for me. if ya like lots of bass you might wanna look for something with a 'darker' presentation.