Threshold Fet 2 as phono front end?

I am using a Threshold Fet 2 as a phono front end to my Threshold T3i pre amp. Anyone have a clue if I'm giving up much when compared to a more up to date phono front end like a Monolithic, Acurus, Lehman, etc.

I suspect my next best move would be to upgrade the cartridge from my current Shure V15 to something a bit more high end - Cleaaraudio Aurum Beta S, or Dyanavector perhaps - but I thought I would see if anyone had any experience with this situation.


Can't say on the FET 2, but I have an old SL-10 and just upgraded to a Chamleot unit.

Some plus's some minus's, I would keep the FET 2, and not look back if I were you. I might use the money to upgrade my cartridge, arm or table, which ever is the weakest link.

The cartrige gives you most bang for the buck.