Threshold fet 10/pc info

Hello, Looking to list my fet 10 phono and cannot find a specific listing in the Bluebook.

Prior to subscribing to the BB, I contacted AG to find out if the BB listing (fet 10 "with phono") was the stand alone unit or some integrated version.

Their response "I am sorry but I am unable to answer that question. My recommendation would be to reach out to our experts in the community via the Forums for clarification."

Can anyone tell me if the BB lists the Threshold fet 10/pc? If so, I will subscribe and research.

Thanks for any info,
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Fet 10 with phono is listed, Low $ 430, Last one sold for $ 750 average is listed as $1000

Good Luck

I doubt seriously that the BB will offer much help to you. A couple of years ago, I subscribed to the BB, and remember looking at Threshold. For most of the products it’s OK, but for the FET 10, it makes very little sense. The FET 10 was always 2 chassis, line stage and phono stage. There were 2 versions of each stage, the original FET 10, and the FET 10e. On a very rare occasion, you may see an original with an “e” power supply, as this was offered as an upgrade before the FET 10e was introduced. In addition to the larger power supply, the FET 10e added balanced outputs. Value will be determined by which version you have, and the BB doesn’t even have a separate listing for a FET 10 phono.

Here’s a picture of the original.

Which version do you have?
About $600 for each is a standard price, so $1000 to1200 total. enjoy, Peterh
Thanks for the reply. I did not think that there was a preamp w/ a built-in phono module but the BB listing was unclear. The listing stated Fet 10 "with" phono.

My Fet 10/pc is a match for the phono preamp model shown in the 6street link you posted. Same power supply- not an e version.

Thanks for the info.

If you go to the link listed above and scroll all the way down to the comments, there it says that the poster just bought in March 2013 a Fet 10"E" phono stage on E-Bay for under $700 dollars. That would make yours worth about $400-$500. Take it for what's it worth...
Thanks to everyone for the fast and very thorough responses. I'll probably post one or two items on AG later this month. The other few pieces of low to mid fi will go elsewhere.

Put it up for bid and the speculation will end. I would say 750-800 is a fair price. Anyone that scored a real FET 10p "e" for under 700.00 got a KILLER deal. My two cents!
This was 3-4 years ago, but I believe I paid $800 for my Threshold FET-10/PC