Threshold -- Dead or Alive?

Being a big collector of Threshold gear, currently own about 17 different models of amps, preamps, and one of their dacs. It's sad to see one of the big-4 solid state companies (the other 3 were-Levinson, Krell and Rowland) possibly never come back from the dead. Threshold had a great short life, especially when Nelson Pass was at the helm. The classics like the fet-ten preamp, sa/1 mono-blocks and the dac-1e will have a place in audio history. Now, about a 18 months ago I talked to the guy who bought the rights to Threshold, and was told that they would resurface. Since then nothing. I've heard rumors that they may never come back because the banks owns everything. I've heard they may go in to commercial audio and set up operations in South Carolina? I heard rumors that Nelson Pass himself may start Threshold up again anbd phase out PASS LABS?? Now these are strictly rumors floating around out there?? Can someone set the record 100%, wothout guessing, or rumors or a chance of? Just the facts?

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Mrchips, do you have a mint T-2 preamp w/silver faceplate? If so, what would you sell it for, if you were going to sell it?