Threshold and Magnepan

Looking into my first planar speakers. Starting small at first and was wondering if a Threshold SA/3 will power MMG's in a smaller room, 12X14X8, at medium levels for all types of music? I understand there are limitations to these speakers, but.....

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An SA/3 will be more than adequate. MMGs don't take much at all especially in a small room.
Sorry, forgot to add 12 and 1.6 in original posts.
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They will sound great, Threshold work well with Maggies and MMG are are going to sound sweet with them.
Mr J- Keep in mind that the MMG rolls off quickly below 80hz. If you have a hunger for the bottom octaves while listening to "all types of music": You may have to consider a subwoofer. The MG12 or 1.6's wouldn't suffer that lack. All are excellent speakers above that frequency. Outside of that caveat, I agree with the above posts. Happy listening!
Thanks all. Rodman99999, I do understand the limitations. I'll use my NHT 3.3's when I need the bass fix or get a subwoofer. If a subwoofer is in my future can anyone recommend a x-over and subwoofer that works well with the MMG's.

My audio mentor back in the day- Jay Dial- drove Maggies to bliss with Threshold. You should be quite happy.
Mr J- Personally, I used a Dahlquist DQ-LP1(slightly modded) for bi-amping planars(Acoustats and Maggies) in my systems for about 25 years. They are still available on the used market and very popular. See page 13 of this newsletter for a little info on it: ( Of Course- That would require a separate powered sub, or amp & sub which may be more than you want to deal with. There are self-contained subwoofers out there that provide a means to adjust for the phase shifts that occur when the subwoofer is placed out of time alignment with the mains. Without that ability, your imaging, sound staging and focus suffer greatly.
Marchand XM-44 is a very good x-over, you will need a fast sub to keep up with the Maggies. Rel subs are known to work well with Maggies.
Check out to Planar forum on AA.