Threshold amps

does anyone have any knowledge of the present threshold amps? like the s/5000e or the reissue s/350e?
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Though well reviewed they do differ in some way from the older Nelson Pass designs. They are sold direct, they are lighter, don't double down or are made in China.
Stick with the Pure Class A Threshold amps.
*The SA series.

Owning just about every Threshold amp ever made since 1978
the SA series are clearly the best sounding amps. I still own about 15 Threshold pieces.

The Best sounding Threshold mono block amps are the Threshold SA/1's in Balance mode. SA/12e's are second best mono block amps. They give more power but not as sweet soundinga as the SA/1's in balance.

The Best sounding Threshold Stereo amp is the SA/4e.

well, the last part of Unsound's post is correct - the new Thresold amps are made in China. Threshold is now HQ'd in Houston, TX (if I remember correctly). CES2006 coverage in one of the emagazines is where I read the manuf in China bit.
Bombaywalla, if anything I posted is incorrect please correct me.
the new reissue s/350e does double down 150 8ohm/300 4ohm.
class a/ab retails for $2000.
I have one of the original S350e power amps and it is a great amp. Not sure about the new Chinese reissue. I guess if they use the same original componens it should be as good as the original although having it now made in China seems to be cheapening the brand IMO.
Where can you buy one of these Threshold reissues?
Sounds like a great bargain!
The new Thresholds can be bought direct from the manufacturer's US website. I'm not usually inclined to pass on rumours, but, a least one person with lots of experience with Threshold products has told me the Chinese replicas sound good, but, are not nearly as bullet proof as the classic made in the USA amps.
the new threshold is an office in texas and a generic factory in china? oh geeze
Actually I'm not sure, but I think only 1 amp offering (the replica) is currently made in China. Which goes to my choice of wording in my first post on this thread.
The Threshold name may now be part of 2 different entities, but again I'm not really sure.