threshold amp question

Do these amps sound the same? T200, SA3, S150? (T, SA, S series)?
Can't speak for the T200, but I have an SA/3 and have had the S150 II and S300 II. The SA/3 is smoother than the S150(these were upgraded by Jon Soderberg)and I liked the S150 over the 300. So, to answer you question, I think they sounded different. If the T200 has the IGBT circuitry, then it is probably similar to my Forte 7 monoblocks. The sound to me is a bit warmer than the Thresholds.
I have a pair of T400 and one S550e. The T series i smore dynamic but analytical while the SXXXe series is more relaxed and musical.

I will all depend on the matching speakers. I have the T400 bridgedto mono driving a pair of B&W 801 matrix S3 and they sound fantastic.