Threshold 550e power amp fuse help ?

The back of the Threshold 550e power amp can has different voltage settings. Of course in the USA I have it on 120V setting. When I received the amp it had an international voltage setting of 220V. So the fuses are different.

My question is about fuse replacement. The Threshold table calls for 10amp Normal Blow 250V. Then it says 3 AB/ABC .25" X 1.25". FOr use in North America at 120V.

The actual questions I have is Normal Blow same as Fast Blow fuse ? I went to Home Depot and found no fuses that said normal blow. All I found was Time Delay Slow Blow and Fast Blow.

Is fast blow same as normal blow ?

Then I found Ceramic Body Fuses Fast Blow 3AB 10A 250V. Are these the right ones?

Thank you very much.
Normal is the same as fast blo.
However, I remember the Threshold amp I had used longer fuses than what is common.
I have the same amp. I uses 4 10A fast blow 250 volts fuses for the railings and 1 12 amp fast blow 250 volts for the IEC.

I would not recommend you to use cheap fueses. Belive it or not they make a difference i the sound. I replced the original fueses with the expensive HiFi-Tunning fueses.