Three way shootout...

I've narrowed my "never heard a single one of them (yet)" DAC search to 3 candidates and would appreciate opinions from anyone that has actually heard any two of them. All three? Great!

  • Mytek Brooklyn + microRendu
  • PS Audio DS Junior (network built in)
  • Schiit Yggdrasil + microRendu
Accounting for a trade-in on the DSJr, these options are very close on price. 

I want to stream Tidal and playback files, mostly CD rips, from a Windows 10 computer accessible at the audio system only by Ethernet. I would most likely using Roon. I prefer simplicity of implementation (DSJr built in network has a leg up here). I'm also hoping for sufficiently good sound quality that I can get off this merry-go-round for a couple of years.

What are not important at all are variable output/preamp, headphone amp, phono stage (?!?) or fancy display. My preamp has balanced inputs, but I believe all of the above have balanced outputs.

I do have quite a few SA-CDs that I'd hate to lose use of, though I could still play on my Oppo BDP-105D.

Thank you.
Chris V
I own the Gungnir (not multibit) and have to say it it quite good despite not being multibit. So, I can only assume the Yggy will be even better.
Unfortunately, I heard an Ayre Codex, and the Gungy has been replaced.
I hate to add another manufacturer, but Ayre Codex is a killer for the money.- And in your price range.
I owned the Yggy for a couple of years and thought it was great.....doesn't support SACD though so that might come to play in your decision. Bob is correct, the Ayre Codex is very good also, I'd say it's on par with the Yggy.  Not sure if it supports SACD or not. 
Thank you for the responses. mac48025, what did you replace the Yggy with?

I appreciate the suggestion of the Codex, but I would shy away from it if only because of the form factor. 

Chris V (more responses welcome!)
I replaced the Yggy with the PS Audio DAC and transport. I prefer the PS Audio but I'm sure the synergy between the units with their is2 connection has a lot to do with that. 

Yeah, I can see that the vertical form of the Codex would be a deterrent.
Which PS Audio DAC did you get? I'm leaning slightly to the DSJr because of the built-in Bridge II (which I understand is internally connected to the DAC via the much ballyhooed I2S, someone correct me if I'm wrong), and the strong support Paul, Ted and friends show for their customers in the form of free firmware upgrades that are actually performance enhancements rather than simply bug fixes. The slightly leaning grew recently with the announcement that a Bridge II update will support MQA (not fully decoding, but passing the high-res through).

Chris V