Three way or 2.1 with Classe amps?

My father in-law upgraded and I received a wonderful hand-me-down. A pair of Classe CAM-200, Anthem AVM-20, and Sony ES9000ES DVD/CD player. All in like new condition with little use.
I am thinking I would like to switch from my 2.1 set-up to a 3-way system to get every octave of sweetness from the Classe amps. My current .1 sub/amp combo are high end. Anything socially to gain or lose just using the Classe in a 3-way system?
You're probably better off just reading some magazine reviews to make a selection.
I don't think equipment reviews will help. I'm hoping to get the subjective opinion based on those here much more experienced with equipment arrangements and knowledgeable than me. I usually hate these kinds of questions, but this might make it a little more clean cut:

B&W 805 (maybe PM1) / Classe CAM-200 + B&W ASW10CM sub
B&W 804 / Classe CAM-200

For accuracy and imaging, which would you choose?
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