Three way or 2.1 with Classe amps?

My father in-law upgraded and I received a wonderful hand-me-down. A pair of Classe CAM-200, Anthem AVM-20, and Sony ES9000ES DVD/CD player. All in like new condition with little use.
I am thinking I would like to switch from my 2.1 set-up to a 3-way system to get every octave of sweetness from the Classe amps. My current .1 sub/amp combo are high end. Anything socially to gain or lose just using the Classe in a 3-way system?
You're probably better off just reading some magazine reviews to make a selection.
I don't think equipment reviews will help. I'm hoping to get the subjective opinion based on those here much more experienced with equipment arrangements and knowledgeable than me. I usually hate these kinds of questions, but this might make it a little more clean cut:

B&W 805 (maybe PM1) / Classe CAM-200 + B&W ASW10CM sub
B&W 804 / Classe CAM-200

For accuracy and imaging, which would you choose?
There's no reason I know of for not (and I could argue in favor of) going to a 3-way speaker and keeping the sub. The key point in either case is whether or not you're using bass management to take the bass load off the main speakers.

The sub will produce cleaner bass than the floor standing speaker and if you can place the sub appropriately it will provide a smoother bass response as well.