Three way active xover ?

Any of you guys do active speaker systems.Not one box active, I mean an active xover and separate amps.I'm thinking of hand picking drivers for a three way system.I was thinking of using my three B&K ST-140's for the fronts (LCR).They would power the high's and mids.I was looking for a killer three ch. for the bass.Like a rotel 200w x3.
It would be hard to beat a Linn Aktiv system with one of their top of the line speakers in tri amped mode. Linn spent a lot of time and money getting it right and, if you like solid state stuff, they did. A Linn Keltik triamped would be a truly wonderful system.
I have used Linn active systems for a while and can tell you that the difference between pasive and active is very dramatic. My first experience was using a Linn AV-5140,
3 way speaker, using one amp. Then I got 3 amps (Klouts)
and used them in a pasive triamp way, the little gain did
not justified the expense. Then came the active cards for the amps. The speakers crossover where removed and the difference was huge. My next experience came when I got a
pair of Totem Mani-2, to this date the best speaker that I have owned, the sound was incredible in the pasive configuration but they where hard on the amps (85 db at one meter), I when an got two way cards for the amps (Klouts), the improvement was even more impresive that with the AV-5140. The next experience came with a pair of
Linn Keltiks, these are active only speakers, I use four Klouts to drive them. Linn have always included the option
to go active with their speakers and amps, they have the
"Tune Box" that allows to use the active boards ( two, three or three way with isobarik bass) with non-Linn amps.
Krell, Naim and Meridian have such systems. I have seen ads
on stereophile for active crossovers, I believe that the manufacturer is Pass Labs, so you have quite some options.
Linn's tune box uses fixed crossover points, I am not sure on Krell and Naim. The one that I belive is made by Pass Labs is adjustable. This is one of the best upgrades you can do to a system, too bad so little manufacturers take advantage of this. My best advise is to tell you to go to a Linn or Naim dealer and ask for a demo between pasive and active systems, your best bet will be a Linn dealer, the speakers can be changed from pasive to active by changing a plate at the back of the speaker. Hearing an the
same system pasive and active will let you evaluate the improvement and evaluate without spending a penny if the improvement will justify the cost. Hope this will help.
Marchand electronics makes several models of electronic crossovers in both solid state and tube configuration. They come in two and three way units, too, as well as kit or finished product. Not obscenely priced by today's standards at less than 2 large for their most expensive tubed unit assembled.
Obviously the systems mentioned in the other responses are good systems. If you want to try an active crossover system without selling your children into slavery, the BEHRINGER, MODEL CX-3400 3-WAY crossover, availible at www.MUSICIANS FRIEND for about $120 plus shipping. The unit has adjustible crossover points and is amazingly clean. For experimenting, any 3-way speaker can be used. Just disconnect the passive crossover and connect each individual driver to the appropriate amp. Be sure the active crossover is set close to the same passive crossover points, so you won't fry the drivers. You will be able to compare the sound and experiment with different crossover points and levels to insure that this is the direction you want to go. It has been my experience, that any active crossover system will sound better than a comparable system utilizing passive crossovers.
Kgveteran, I'm curious how you plan to "balance out" each separate amplifier to make up for the differences between the "needs for each driver?!" Won't you be possibly runnging into a scenario where you either have too much tweeter, or too much mid or bass, etc???
I've always found amps with separate gain controls (like Parasound) to be very convenient here. Any input?
Do most active crossovers have adjustments for the possible neccessary gain variences?
The pro xovers have separate gain for each output to assist in balance.From what I have read,the adjustable xovers are no good and the fixed ones are better.I like the adjustable ashly xovers and will begin to pick out drivers soon.Thanx.