Three Sets of Speakers

Hi....I'll like a home theater receiver with 3 sets of speaker outputs.(living room, bedroom and deck) It's OK if the sound is mediocre. Any suggestions?
Assuming that one of those three rooms is the surround system than you need a surround receiver that has what is called a second and third zone. The "zones" give you stereo for the other two areas which is what you need to sound correct when only using two speakers. There are lots of choices. What level of performance do you need? What speakers are you going to use it with? What's your budget?
The Emotiva SR-8100 receiver fulfills most of your needs. It has a *true* 80 watts/ch., all 7 channels driven simultaneously. Most Denons, Yamahas, etc. only spec. for 1 or 2 channels driven, running all simultaneously results in *greatly* reduced power output. A typical 100 watts/ch. receiver will put out only a real 35-40 watts/ch.

Here's a link, I think they are sale right now for a very good price:

Most receivers only can power a second zone. Many have 3 zone outputs but need a second amp. Also, remember that you need to control things from the other rooms. This will involve at the very least a volume control and/or a remote control repeater.
Thank you all for the least I know what to ask for.