three of a kind

Hi Goners!

I am looking for suggestions to run my Birdseye Maple 805"s and HTDM center channel for both music and t.v.

NO 5.1 NO 7.1 Maybe an active compact sub so i won't ever have to deal with meaningless satellites and bad sound bars!

Would you please direct me to a ss class A or AB tri powered amp that can fulfill the clarity,power and price/performance triumph!
Pre will be Joule Electra as well as Joule Electra Phono with Rega CD player and KS cables so price is an issue.

Thanks so much for your assistance!
Audio Refinement Multi 3 power amp.

Designed by YBA in France with YBA parts but assembled in China as a cheaper alternative to YBA itself.

Google the reviews: this was a high end quality parts and design built $2500 amp. It's discontinued now but comes up from time to time on Hifishark or Canuckaudiomart

Highly recommended - built like a tank with high-end parts.
Product Description

· Bandwidth:10Hz - 60KHz6
· Harmonic Distortion:< 0.05%1W
· Signal to Noise Ratio:> 90 dB
· Power Output:125W x 3 ; 8£[
· Power Consumption:450W
· Dimensions:442W x 320D x 105H (mm)
· Weight:11 kg

Ps it also comes as a Multi2 or Multi 5 power amp configurations.
If you don’t mind going used look for a Proceed AMP3 or HPA3 ... I think one is 150w@8 and the other is 250w@8 ... Proceed was a division of Mark Levinson before Harmon bought them out

If I remember these amps double output into 4 ohms which means they are pretty stout
Why would you want a centre channel for music? Given what you are looking to do, you would be better off just going with a 2 channel stereo system for both music and movies. Forget the centre.

Want the center channel for t.v. and clarity of voices ex. enunciation
Davehrab...Thanks for your info!

Akg ca...You are the second person who has pointed me in this direction! Can you tell me the age of these models since release?

Thank you all!

Some 6 channel amps are bridgeable to 3 channels. Mac 7106 for example, 100 wpc x 6 or 325 wpc x 3. for history

Check out their high-end build :YBA design and parts from France

~ 2007 vintage for my Multi 3 and Multi 2 power amps to go with my REGA Osiris integrated two channel with a direct pass-thru for HT use
"Want the center channel for t.v. and clarity of voices ex. enunciation
Davehrab...Thanks for your info!"

I didn't realize you have a HT preamp. Your post makes sense now.