Three blind mice 45 box

am trying to get details for my copy. There are two listed on Discogs.  The one that matches the cover of my box is listed as an Impex release with catalog number 6022-45. Apparently it is a numbered edition of 3000. The other box is listed as a Box Star release with catalog number 3010-45 and has a 2008 copyright with a different cover to the box. My copy has a 2010 copyright and is a Box Star release with no apparent catalog number for the set. It is made in the Usa and boasts Limited Edition, Super Cut Analogue Disk, and Premium HQ 180 Super Vinyl. Does Discogs have something wrong or is my set different from these two? Many thanks, LS
Can you tell us how it sounds?? All the Best
Very nice. Internet seems to indicate that Cisco released a box in 2004 and that there was another issue in 2015 but can find nothing about my version.
Trytone, you know how Discogs works, right?

It is populated by collectors like you and I. If you are a member, you can question any aspect of the data of any release (showing evidence to the contrary). You could also offer a data set of new release information (which might eventually serve all of us) and it will go through a board of review to be excepted, or corrected. That will not happen over night, but may be a the best venue for your question.

I have the 2008 45RPM version you spoke of, so I can offer little help to answer your question directly.

I believe Discogs is your best source for release information, bar none. 

Happy Listening!