Threadbare and grainy treble, a DAC issue?

Hi folks, I would like to know if a somewhat threadbare and grainy treble could be caused by the D/A converter. I have a good albeit old DAC, namely the Goldmund Mimesis 10C+ (from 1995 I think). The transport I'm using is a "SOTA" MBL 1621. With this combination I hear lots of detail and space. The bass is Ok, midrange is quite good, but the treble has (especially with violins) the abovementioned quality. I would like to have a smooth and refined (grainless) treble. Could this be achieved by replacing the DAC with a more contemporary DAC like the Weiss Medea or Accustic Arts Tube DAC? Thank you in advance.


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The short answer Chris is yes, it's the Goldmund DAC that is giving you the highend shortcomings you are describing. Its been years since I have listened to Goldmund CD gear, but what you are describing is what I remember as digital gear was improving over time.

The Wiess DAC offers what I call a type 1 sound and the Accustic Arts Tube hybrid offers more of what I refer to as a type 2 signature. If you go to my thread, Reference DACS: An oveall Perspective, you can get a ton of details regarding this subject. Also, I have written a review of the AA Tube Hybrid here on the GON, and still believe it's one of the best DACS out there, for alot less money compared to other world class reference level DACS.