Threadbare and grainy treble, a DAC issue?

Hi folks, I would like to know if a somewhat threadbare and grainy treble could be caused by the D/A converter. I have a good albeit old DAC, namely the Goldmund Mimesis 10C+ (from 1995 I think). The transport I'm using is a "SOTA" MBL 1621. With this combination I hear lots of detail and space. The bass is Ok, midrange is quite good, but the treble has (especially with violins) the abovementioned quality. I would like to have a smooth and refined (grainless) treble. Could this be achieved by replacing the DAC with a more contemporary DAC like the Weiss Medea or Accustic Arts Tube DAC? Thank you in advance.


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Assuming everything else in your system is up to par, then yes your problem could be your older SS DAC and a new tubed based DAC might just be the ticket. Might. But the ability to experience grainy/overly bright highs could easly be sourced to other components,wiring, etc. Have you listened to a different DAC/Transport combo, or a CDP, in you system and pinned down your 'problem' to your Goldmund/MBL?