Thread Size Of Spikes For Von Schweikert Speakers

Could some kind souls advice on the thread size of the spikes for the Von Schweikert VR-6 and VR-2000 speakers ? Thanks!
I don't know....but if you email Albert (go to his site for contact info).....he will probably respond in reasonable time. He has been very helpful and quick to respond to questions I have had in the past.
The thread size for the VR4JR is Metric M8. Pick up an M8 bolt at your local hardward store and see if it fits the VR6 and VR2000s.
Thanks, Robofet. I'll try that.
Robofet, the e-mail I sent to Albert using the e-mail address on the Von website ( returned with the message "----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----". Do you have another e-mail address for Albert ? Thanks.
Jgiacalo, Thanks for the advice. Will try it and update you.
FYI the 8mm thread comes in 2 different pitches: 1 or 1.25;
for metric threads that is the dimension from crest to crest or valley to valley, the english equivalents would be .0393 inch or .0492 inch respectively. The thread designation therefore would be M8x1 or M8x1.25
Hope this helps.
FOr the VR$JR it is M8-1.25
Richingoth and Jgiacalo, Thanks for the information. Will keep you all updated. Thanks.