Thread: NAD T752 & hish problem & what is the deal

OK I am new here and I have few problems:
just got my NAD T753 (Linn Index in the front, Linn Afekt sub, Linn Unik center, Denon surround sound) - I know not a perfect setup, but I am in the process of upgrading.
1. Why do we need to buy expensive "full range speakers" when we are going to set the subwoofer to take care of all of the frequency below 60/80 Hz? This is not making sense to me... any help please? I believe a good sub with cheap speakers will do the job as well. What am I doing wrong?
2. The NAD T753 does have the hush noise and it is noticeable... I have also an old (10+ years) NAD 302 integrated amplifier and the sound is much better compared to the T753. Is this the end of the NAD era?

Comparing a HT receiver to 2 channel separates in the same relative price range is unfortunately not a fair comparison for the HT receiver. With the possible exception of the Arcam HT receiver, most of the HT receivers from the usual HT suspects (Denon; SONY; Onkyo; Yamaha; Panasonic; Pioneer; etc.) just do not get the job done when it comes to hifi quality sound. Movies and music require different sonics. No, it is not the end of the NAD era ... check out the C320BEE; C352; C372 integrated amps of the 521BEE or 542 cd players to see what I mean.

As for the speakers, cheap (do you mean mid-fi or inexpensive) is cheap. 90% of what you hear is the midrange ... the area handled by your monitors. Go cheap there ... and go cheap with 90% of your sound.

When you go HT you have to make 5 or 6 channels sound great (as opposed to 2) ... it's just have to cost more.

Regards, Rich
Thanks for you response! So I guess the solution is to use my old NAD 302 integrated amp with my Linn Index speakers for listening to music (NAD 502 cd player), and setup the NAD T753 receiver for home theater using the Linn Afekt sub and 6 low priced/not full range speakers - for example 6 Linn Unik ($225 a piece). It does not make sense to buy good/full range speakers for home theater and then to send all the low frequency to the sub. I think this should be my target - I just need to find 5 more Linn Unik (have one already) and I should be good to go.
Without knowing your room size, etc. ... have you considered 2 channel HT? You could possibly sell or return your NAD T752 and then, upgrade your 2 channel amp. Granted ... you would lose all the surround rear effects, but if you are not interested in the effects or could live with your DVD player in pseudo surround mode and just want quality movie sound, then 2 channel HT may be the ticket. You would also only need one system for both music and movies.

regards, Rich
I think I will add a power amp for the front speakers and this should improve the sound quality.