Thousands of tubes for sale

I'm currently a solid state guy but just a few minutes ago when looking for a used wind trainer for my bike on facebook  I happened to stumble upon this post. Not knowing any better I thought it might be useful to someone on the analog side of listening. The ad is for sale thousands of tv and radio tubes. I don't know if it has any relevance but if it does someone could be very happy I posted this.
damn i would jump on that - but i am clear across the country

with testers too!
jjss49 if you are using facebook you might want to go to their "marketplace" and run a search I bet there are ads like this in your area. Actually, there were a few like this when I looked a bit deeper.

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At least 1/3 of the lot, likely useless for audio gear. That 1/3 then becomes even smaller once you sort the duds out.

Not such a "bargain" now.