Thoughts wanted for new speaker design

I am working to introduce a new speaker at Capital Audiofest this year and have a few tentative designs but wanted to do a little market research and see what you guys would find most interesting. Since I don’t have $40K for focus groups, thought I would ask your guys POV.

I currently offer two stand mounts - one which is a fiberglass based composite (Nightshade) and the other is Carbon Fiber bases (Blackthorn).

you can see them here at:

i am currently sold out but will be back in stock in about two weeks.  

i am looking to see what you guys would be most interested in:

1. a higher efficiency standmount - 92dB to 93dB but will be using compression drivers. Material could be MDF or Bamboo but most like Bamboo. Price ~$2500

2. A less expensive standmount made from bamboo or MDF that will be ~$2000. Likely be less than $2000 if it is MDF.

3. A Nightshade (fiberglass) Floorstander that would retail at $8-$10,000.

4. A floorstander that would look like 1 or 2 though I expect the efficiency of 1 will be closer to 100dB. Retail $3500 to $5000.

Unless you guys saw me at AXPONA or know someone who bought my first batch of speakers I know you haven’t heard my current stand-mounts. Just looking for a POV on what will be most interesting to you.

Thanks in advance.

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The Joseph Audio Pulsars are using off-the-shelf drivers. You can easily find a professional who will assemble a comparable speaker for $4k or less. The main thing is the cabinet aesthetics probably won’t be comparable.

The markup on the (v1) Pulsars are quite high. It looks like retail price on the drivers is around $1200, and the MSRP of the speaker is $8k.

If you look at some internet direct brands the markup is significantly lower. For example the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2-EX uses the 64-10 RAAL tweeter which is around $370/pair with Seas Excel W16 woofers ($570/pair) with CURV diaphragms. So that’s easily $900+ worth of drivers and the Sierra 2-EX only costs $1650 retail.

Of course Ascend probably (rightfully) assumes they can make up the difference in volume, and the Pulsar is likely a much lower volume product, so they went with much higher markups instead.