THOUGHTS PLEASE- also emotiva.......?

I have an onkoyo txnr809 receiver     its been great for years     thinking of using it in a different room and getting something different to use      something more up to date that allows me to hear more of what i watch        anyone recommend anything in a decent price range

also what do you guys think of emotiva?     i love the look     owners even nice seen and met him at audio shows

hows the product and is it worth it       sounds like their interface is weak and options       whats the thought with this brand        and if not them what brand and model of what your mentioning.     not looking to spend over 2400 for everything say     rather not spend 2k but     please give some thoughts or ideas.      id like something better then my onkoyo txnr809 as well       thanks guys

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About 6-7 years ago I had both an Emotiva and an Onkyo. At the time my old Theta Casanova spanked them both.

The new Anthem I have is much closer to the Casanova.